Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 23:37:52 -0700 (MST)

> Giren's Greed posits that Revil was the chief advocate for aggressive
> mobile suit development, which fits with his generally independent-minded
> attitude, first-hand experience, and ongoing patronage of the White Base.

  Makes sense too, considering he got to see Jion's mobile-suit Blitzkrieg
philosophies close-up and personal!

> As Japanese fan "Walfisch" noted on his Zaku Page, you can clearly see
> that the cockpit of the Toriaez fighter the Gundam uses as target practice
> is empty. No Federation pilots were harmed during the filming of this test!

  Heh heh heh! Ever the bleeding hearts, the Federation!

> > subordinates and the last scene was of Gen. Revell in his command tank,
> > guarded by 3 GMs.

  Was his command-tank anything like the GEV from 8MST or is it akin more
to the giant Fed hover-battleships of the 1YW?

> I was particularly intrigued that the Jaburo docks are shown as being
> filled with water; the newly-built cruisers and battleships _float_ to
> their launch ramps, which actually makes much more sense than a system of

  It makes alot of sense, and sort of fits in with the whole WWII "Victory
Ships" stylings of the story!

> And, right behind Ridden's mobile suit, there's Gato's blue-and-green

  Very interesting!

> Gelgoog! You know, I think I may have called it correctly when I posited
> that Gato was a member of the same Gelgoog test corps as Ridden. The

  It certainly looks and sounds like it now! There's too much supporting

> question then is whether these guys were present for the actual battle, or
> simply stopping by to escort the newly-delivered Big Zam.

  Sounds like they may have been 'attached' to it as a support/guard or
something like that. But that battle was a total wash for Jion, so one
wonders how these aces escaped?

> To answer the earlier questions, no, these aren't Shiro and Aina. Not
> only are they in standard normal suit colors - lemon yellow and drab green
> - but they're both men.

  How cute!

> And in between, you get a very brief clip of the Blue Destiny units 2 and
> 3 duking it out around a colony. Not to mention the Alex skewering Bernie's
> Zaku, with Al watching from the foreground.

  Wow... Side-story marathon!

> >Clip 13:EMF puts its own mirror-based solar ray system in place and proceeds
> > to literally slice up the cross-shaped asteroid (Solomon?)
> Yep, that's Solomon. I must say this was a pretty spectacular clip!

  Did it really _cut_ through the 'roid?
  In the movie that I saw, it looked more like the beam was 'cooking'
anything on the surface of the 'roid, but not penetrating at all.

> Luna Two, in which Gato uses a special nuke-packing Zaku to wipe out the
> Federation fleet, presumably clearing the way for the colony to make its
> way to Earth without facing the barrage of fleet bombardment which spoiled
> the first drop operation. In other words, Operation Stardust redux.

  Very interesting... sort of a retoconned 0083 except with a more
plausible scenario. Perhaps the same plan later to be recycled by Delaz!

> >Clip 23:This is probably after the 2nd colony drop.
> Yep, and man, did they make a mess of Jaburo!

  I take it they _nailed_ it good, eh?

> >Ends with a strange shot of Zion's Gaw and EMF's Midea in flight formation?!
> The Medeas are painted green and sport Zeon insignia - they're evidently
> captured enemy units.

  And the whole world is thrashed by Jion I suppose?

> >Clip 29:Giren watches the broadcast as Char removed his mask and rallying his
> > soldiers under the Neo Zion banner. Surprisingly, Lalah was by his
> > side and alive!
> Char's underlings also include Sharia Bull, Doctor Flanagan, and Roberto
> and Apolli from Z Gundam. Hey, the newtype gang's all here!

  Wow! Sounds like he's made his own Neo-Zion NT-supremacy group,
following his Father's vision to its distorted, destructive end!

> Note that, if you form the Neo Zeon faction in the game, Char gets the
> same red, beam bazooka-toting Rick Dom he uses in the Tomino novels. The

  Beam-Bazooka-Toting? I thought Beam Bazookas didn't really appear until
almost the V-Gundam Era?

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