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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 23:05:03 -0700 (MST)

> contend with, I presume that the Heat Hawk is designed primary as a close
> quarter anti-ship and space fighter weapon. That is, when the Zaku

  Nah, my gut feeling is that it's simply a utility weapon/tool, just like
an infantry-man's bucknife or something like that.

> along, you are supposed to pull off your heat hawk and make some big hole
> in the enemy's ship.
  The problem with that idea is that the heat-hawk has hardly any reach at
all.. you'd almost be better off simply punching holes in the ship.
  Instead, I think the purpose of the HH was to cut tether cables,
colony-scale guy-wires and other space-equipment... just like how the
German U-Boats mounted those cable-cutters on the fronts of their subs!

> I don't believe that at the time Gouf were being designed, that the Zeon
> engineers have considered Federation MS yet, so the building heat rod, I

  That's correct... the Gouf would have been the next generation Zaku if
the Feds never made MS... it's got great ground mobility but it sucks
compared to the GM. It probably also sports steel-type armor (Does anyone
know if this is true?).

> suppose is still being designed as a anti-ship/anti tank weapon trying to
> overload enemy electronics. It also have the heat saber as a backup

  The heat-saber is definately a backup heavy utility cutting weapon, more
of a machete than a real sword... at least the new Gouf's weapon
definately looks more like a heavy utility blade than a finesse weapon.
  The heat-rod is kind of curious... I'd wager it's designed as an
anti-crew anti-electronic "Haywire weapon" (In HG terms). I.e., it's
designed for shorting out electronics and eletrocuting crews so that Jion
could _capture_ Federation equipment.
  This may suggest that Jion was running low on materials and supplies and
may have considered using large amounts of captured Fed technology. Don't
Jion-repainted Fed aircraft appear in one of the Gundam video games?
(Giren's Greed?)

  Oh, you forgot that heat-saber that the Dom used to carry! Big heavy
superheated metal thing...

> Which brings up Federation's sole close quarter MS weapon, beam saber.

  The best close-quarter weapon ever!

> >From the specs I read, it actually will requires quite a bit of energy to
> run this puppy. But once powered, it is a very versital weapon, that
> will pretty much cut thru most of the Zeon MS's armor. This plus the

  Most? ALL of Jion armor! A matter of fact, is there ANYTHING that a beam
saber can't cut?

> better mobility of GM has definitely gives GM the edge in close quarter
> combat.

  It's definately a Jion killer in close combat!
  A matter of fact, if you watch the GM-fights from 0080, you'll notice
that almost all of the kills the Fed were making were taking place at
ultra-close quarters where the GMs would tear up Doms and Zaks left and

> But how do these weapon stack up against each other? Other than
> underwater, for which all 3 weapon are completely unsuitable for, all 3

  Well, the heat saber and hawk would work as simple cutting tools,
probably unusable against Fed armor.

> weapon will operate in either space or land. Heat hawk appears to
> consumes the least amount of power to operate, but I question its
> effectiveness against good armored MS, plus the fact that it isn't really

  As we saw in 0080, it can gash and slash Fed armor, but barring a hit on
the cockpit of the MS, it's not likely to do any fatal damage to a
Federation mecha. Sort of like fighting someone off with a bucknife.
  Heat Sabers are less bad, but still alot heavier and slower and less
powerful than a beam saber.

> designed to combat against other MS. Heat rod is even worst. If your MS
> can actually reach the other guy, shouldn't you just go ahead and cut the
> other guy in half, instead of trying to fry the enemy? If Ranba Ra isn't

  Again, the only thing I can think of is that the Heat-rod/serpent was
designed to _disable_ and capture an enemy unit.
  Against the Gundam, with a veteran pilot (Ranba) at the controls it
makes alot of sense! Ranba's got the skill to stay alive while trying to
capture the Fed's greatest weapon!

> And then, beam saber. Versitel, but energy hungry. Definitely not for
> the MS with inadequate power generator. But other than that little short
> coming, it is a superior weapon for its ability to cut almost anything
> other than another beam saber.

  Right... it's got a low lifespan, but then again it's such a light
weapon that you can always carry two of them like the Gundam and have one
charging while the other's in use. Besides, melee combat rarely lasts very

> Now, Zeon really didn't have any beam saber capable MS until Gelgoog and
> Gann, and Gann never saw the light of mass production, so that leaves
> Gelgoog as a truly beam rifle/beam saber MS of Zeon.

  Yep... But I'm not sure I agree that the Gelgoog's big fat beam javelin
weapon is the equal of the GM's sturdy but small beam saber. The Gelgoog's
weapon is much more massive though it creates a blade that's basically
the same size as a regular beam saber (though it does make two!)... Though
the Gelgoog's weapon must certainly appear formidable, I can't believe
it's as handy or responsive as a GM's beam saber.


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