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>> Well, I would give my vote to Frank Herbert...realizing a history as
>> twisted as that of the Atreides line has to be something...A close second
>> would be Asimov's Foundation, but I didn't like it when he started merging
>> a lot of his old fics into it, specially Daneel Olivaw.
>Are you sure that was an afterthought to merge them together? I got the
>feeling that he intended that to be from the beginning. Maybe not but he's
>not the only one to have far reaching universes comprised of many books.
>If you like space opera, read *all* of H. Beam Piper's books, you'll love

        I dunno, it was the impression I got...I could accept that Hari Seldon's
future came from a time derived fromthe Cave of Steel idea, but to have the
sudden insertion of R. Daneel Olivaw into it was a bit too much. I would
have to accept the thesis, though that since Asimov was working with
similar worlds that it was easy and perhaps even logical in the overall
idea to have most if not all of his stories become part of one continuity...
        For Space Opera, I still like Harlock and related anime the best!

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