One Year War vintage weapon comments: Close Quarter Weapon

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Comparison of 3 different close quarter MS weapons from OYW, Heat Hawk,
Heat Rod, and Beam Saber.

Since at the time of its introduction there aren't any Federation MS to
contend with, I presume that the Heat Hawk is designed primary as a close
quarter anti-ship and space fighter weapon. That is, when the Zaku
exhausted their 120mm machine gun, and the enemy ship is still limping
along, you are supposed to pull off your heat hawk and make some big hole
in the enemy's ship.

I don't believe that at the time Gouf were being designed, that the Zeon
engineers have considered Federation MS yet, so the building heat rod, I
suppose is still being designed as a anti-ship/anti tank weapon trying to
overload enemy electronics. It also have the heat saber as a backup

Which brings up Federation's sole close quarter MS weapon, beam saber.
From the specs I read, it actually will requires quite a bit of energy to
run this puppy. But once powered, it is a very versital weapon, that
will pretty much cut thru most of the Zeon MS's armor. This plus the
better mobility of GM has definitely gives GM the edge in close quarter

But how do these weapon stack up against each other? Other than
underwater, for which all 3 weapon are completely unsuitable for, all 3
weapon will operate in either space or land. Heat hawk appears to
consumes the least amount of power to operate, but I question its
effectiveness against good armored MS, plus the fact that it isn't really
designed to combat against other MS. Heat rod is even worst. If your MS
can actually reach the other guy, shouldn't you just go ahead and cut the
other guy in half, instead of trying to fry the enemy? If Ranba Ra isn't
using a heat rod, but a beam saber, Amuro would have been toast during
their encounter.

And then, beam saber. Versitel, but energy hungry. Definitely not for
the MS with inadequate power generator. But other than that little short
coming, it is a superior weapon for its ability to cut almost anything
other than another beam saber.

Now, Zeon really didn't have any beam saber capable MS until Gelgoog and
Gann, and Gann never saw the light of mass production, so that leaves
Gelgoog as a truly beam rifle/beam saber MS of Zeon.

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