Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

Operator7G - Michael Ip (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:23:48 +1300

At 16:55 1999.01.27 -0800, Mark S wrote:

> The first utility I tried was cutting off the clips halfway through. This
>could have been a Virtual PC glitch,

I used to have the same problem with winVDT2 as well, but what it came down
to was unlocking the registration code, and presto, I could extract the
whole clip.

>but at any rate, when I blew up the
>video clips it was very obvious that acpk2avi's rendition was _way_
>smoother - everything was nicely anti-aliased, not jaggy and pixelated.

hmmm,I must hae been using a v e r y old version. I tried with my gf's
brothers discs a bout a year ago and some of the extracted clips were
terrible. Sound usually remained in tact.

> For the clips alone, no. But the supplemental disc apparently lets you
>view the clips without needing the game itself

hmmm, I don't have a machine...anymore. I don't suppose Dreamcast is
backward compatible with Saturn games :( So it's a two disc set?

; it also includes storyboard
>sketches and a glossary, and the only thing you need the game disc for are
>the prefab saved game scenarios. That's only Y2800, if you're ever able to
>get hold of it - a much more tempting offer.

hell why not. I'll grab it from TronixWeb (along with the CCA for PSX and
maybe Macross VFX - even though I have heard terrible reviews about it) and
get a few more airpoints on my credit card. has anyone managed to view
storyboard sketches and the like without a Saturn machine?

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