Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

Operator7G - Michael Ip (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:02:08 +1300

At 14:28 1999.01.27 -0800, you wrote:
>With some help from Michael Ip and the emulation magic of Connectix Virtual
>PC, I've managed to join the ranks of those lucky few who've sucked the
>movie clips off the Giren's Greed disc. I ended up using the utility
>acpk2avi for this - it's slow, and it's a command-line kinda thing, but hot
>damn does it produce some high-quality video! Still can't get the sound,
>though. Ah well.

yeah, I've used that one too, you can extract the sound, but it is in a
separate stream to the video. Any reason you chose the acpk2avi? I seem
strange that people ae having problems on extracting sound and video from
these files when it all seems to be encoded in a standard Saturn codec. If
I had a disc I'd try it out myself, but I don't :( Do any of you think the
disc is worth the purchase just for the FMV clips?


Michael Ip
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