Re: Re: Gundam fans read SF
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 17:47:36 EST

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<<I don't read much SF, other then what I mentioned a day or two ago. Because
there's not really any novels about giant robots similar to Gundam out there.
Anyone have any ideas of what other novels deal with giant robots? Please
exclude Battletech, though.>>

Howabout Robotech? It's not for everybody, but I still think it's really
entertaining. Especially since it has that similar epic feel to Gundam, it's a
bit goofy in some places though. There's 21 books out now, the first 12 cover
the TV show, the next 5 cover the ill-fated Sentinels TV show, and the
following 4 fill in some gaps. You also might want to rent the TV series.


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