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With some help from Michael Ip and the emulation magic of Connectix Virtual
PC, I've managed to join the ranks of those lucky few who've sucked the
movie clips off the Giren's Greed disc. I ended up using the utility
acpk2avi for this - it's slow, and it's a command-line kinda thing, but hot
damn does it produce some high-quality video! Still can't get the sound,
though. Ah well.

  Forthwith, some more comments on Eddie's synopses.

>Clip 3:EMF engineers were playing with a captured Zaku II in a hangar. Gen.
> Revell used their report in a presentation for a committee of EMF
> bureaucrats in order to convince them that mobile suits are required
> for victory (they didn't look too convinced or interested).

  Giren's Greed posits that Revil was the chief advocate for aggressive
mobile suit development, which fits with his generally independent-minded
attitude, first-hand experience, and ongoing patronage of the White Base.

>Clip 4:Trial tests of the GunTank, GunCannon, and Gundam on terran environ-
> ment, ending with another Gundam trial run in air and space, firing at
> dummy targets.

  As Japanese fan "Walfisch" noted on his Zaku Page, you can clearly see
that the cockpit of the Toriaez fighter the Gundam uses as target practice
is empty. No Federation pilots were harmed during the filming of this test!

>Clip 6:Amuro jumps into a Core Fighter but then we see Gundam launching into
> battle against the Gaw and a ton of Topps. The last shot was of a
> landed WB with the Midea next to it, with GunTank & GunCannon standing
> guard. Again, without audio I couldn't figure out what was going on.

  This depicts the Gundam's battle with Garma's squadron, which ends in the
first rendezvous with Matilda's supply corps. I expect this is shown when
you successfully retrieve the Gundam test data.

>Clip 7:This looks like the beginning of Operation Odessa, with HLVs and
> scenes of Zion MS mobilizing and Ma Kube discussing strategy with his
> subordinates and the last scene was of Gen. Revell in his command tank,
> guarded by 3 GMs.

  Yep. Note also the cameo by the Prototype Dom, standing guard in front of
the HLVs.

>Clip 9:Magellans & Salamis ships leaving the EMF Jaburo ship dock for space,
> where we see Zion fortifying their defenses in Solomon, ending with
> Dozul talking.

  I was particularly intrigued that the Jaburo docks are shown as being
filled with water; the newly-built cruisers and battleships _float_ to
their launch ramps, which actually makes much more sense than a system of
ship-sized dolly platforms.

>You see the Bigzam in the background and the red MS-14B (Johnny Ridden's)
>in the foreground.

  And, right behind Ridden's mobile suit, there's Gato's blue-and-green
Gelgoog! You know, I think I may have called it correctly when I posited
that Gato was a member of the same Gelgoog test corps as Ridden. The
question then is whether these guys were present for the actual battle, or
simply stopping by to escort the newly-delivered Big Zam.

>Clip 11:This one reminds me of The 08th MS Team. After an intense battle
> took place in space, you see a GM and a Zaku locked into mortal
> combat but only the camera was moving - apparently both suits were
> badly thrashed and you see the EMF pilot helping the Zion pilot out
> as they both walk to safety and stare into the infinite space.

  To answer the earlier questions, no, these aren't Shiro and Aina. Not
only are they in standard normal suit colors - lemon yellow and drab green
- but they're both men.

>Clip 12:This clip made no sense without a soundtrack; it starts with Zion Zum
> Taikum in the center of the shot, with Degin in the background, then
> we see Lalah in Side 6 with the swan, then an intense battle between
> Amuro in his Gundam with Char in his MS-06S, finally ending with Gen.
> Revell making yet another speech in space.

  And in between, you get a very brief clip of the Blue Destiny units 2 and
3 duking it out around a colony. Not to mention the Alex skewering Bernie's
Zaku, with Al watching from the foreground.

>Clip 13:EMF puts its own mirror-based solar ray system in place and proceeds
> to literally slice up the cross-shaped asteroid (Solomon?)

  Yep, that's Solomon. I must say this was a pretty spectacular clip!

>Clip 22:Delaz & Gato went to Giren with a proposition, this is probably where
> they suggest a 2nd colony drop to deal with the stalemate.

  From my strategy books, I gather the plan begins with a nuclear attack on
Luna Two, in which Gato uses a special nuke-packing Zaku to wipe out the
Federation fleet, presumably clearing the way for the colony to make its
way to Earth without facing the barrage of fleet bombardment which spoiled
the first drop operation. In other words, Operation Stardust redux.

>Clip 23:This is probably after the 2nd colony drop.

  Yep, and man, did they make a mess of Jaburo!

>Ends with a strange shot of Zion's Gaw and EMF's Midea in flight formation?!

  The Medeas are painted green and sport Zeon insignia - they're evidently
captured enemy units.

>Clip 29:Giren watches the broadcast as Char removed his mask and rallying his
> soldiers under the Neo Zion banner. Surprisingly, Lalah was by his
> side and alive!

  Char's underlings also include Sharia Bull, Doctor Flanagan, and Roberto
and Apolli from Z Gundam. Hey, the newtype gang's all here!

  Note that, if you form the Neo Zeon faction in the game, Char gets the
same red, beam bazooka-toting Rick Dom he uses in the Tomino novels. The
same red Rick Dom also appears in the new Char's Counterattack PlayStation

-- Mark

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