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> Subject: Re: Gundam fans read SF

> Otherwise, I can't say I'm too impressed by a lot of sci-fi, as so much
> of it is so badly written. About the only currently-active sci-fi writer
> who I actually enjoy reading is Neal Stephenson; I read Kim Stanley
> Robinson's whole Mars trilogy and found it somewhat interesting, but it
> wasn't what I'd call great literature.

Let me tell you, I've read a lot of "great literature" (school will force
you to do some horrid things) and I've never gotten into the sort of "see
how the main character really represents X" or "what the author is really
writing here in this passage is a philosophical interpretation of Y" or
any of the other myriad sub-subtext burying of the real point that the
authors are trying to get across. I like a good story, period. I have
*never* been able to look at something that somebody next to me has said
or done and think "Ah yes, the struggle between Man and his place in the
universe, how it doth task Jimbo, there." Oh, that person may talk about
his own ideas/doubts/theories, but there's no overacted melodrama in day
to day dealings and that's how I prefer my fiction - down to earth and
believable if those characters were to really live in my world or I in
theirs. Master Thespian, the book version, I don't need. I love the
new movie "Hurly Burly", you should all go see it for the great dialogue
and acting but, really, how long could anyone stand living with Sean
Penn's character before beating him to death so he'd shut up?

I will agree, though, that some of those one-time scientists don't know
how to write a story, any story, correctly and should stick to research


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