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Hardcase writes,

>Um.....generally then the Purists(TM) begin their jyhad like rantings,
>demanding to know why part XZ3837T is on the 0080 version of the Zaku, since
>it was never on it in'd be surprised at the inanity I've
>witnessed in these arguments.

Michael Ip replies,

>Again it comes down to attention to detail...but *was* it necessary to give
>the 0080 Zugok a different model number (or any other MS aside form NT1) in

  I'm with Michael. I find this habit of continually redesigning the
classic mobile suits and then, in a last-minute fit of guilt, slapping a
new model number on the result and claiming it's a limited-edition variant,
to be silly and unnecessary. One of the things that's cool about anime is
that the creators aren't as obsessive about "continuity" as, say, American

  While DC Comics stages annual universe-destroying crossover events in an
increasingly abtruse effort to straighten out its convoluted continuity,
anime standbys like Macross, Patlabor, Yamato, Tenchi and Gundam merrily
turn out a thousand alternate versions of the same basic story, changing
details and rearranging events as they please. Does Sayla pilot the Core
Booster or the G-Fighter? Is Ma Kube dead or not? Was the Yamato actually
destroyed and, if so, in which movie? Ah, that's all part of the delightful

  As I noted a while back, all this last-minute retconning has thus far
preserved the "classic" appearance of the One Year War mobile suits.
Whenever we see a genuine original-series mobile suit (in the 0083
prologue, Char's Counterattack flashbacks, Z Gundam cameos, et cetera), it
still looks exactly the same as it did in 1979. But personally, I think
they're worrying too much. Same goes for the infamous spec discrepancies
between 0080, 0083, Z Gundam and the original series. So what?

-- Mark, devil's advocate

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