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> >Well, that's a bit of an unfair comparison...since TOS and Z
> were TV series.
> >OAV's and movies generally have higher budgets and can afford to
> spend more
> >time giving detail.
> hmmm, I hadn't thought of that...

Yep....from what I've been given to understand, working on a TV
series is kind of a cross between slave labor and've
got to make a miracle on no time and no money.....

> >Why not? I spend most of my time watching Gundam lying down.
> *sigh* you know what i mean ^^; (you really are a Hard Case)

Gomen. I do take some pride in the fact that I was given the name,
and did not choose it for myself......means more that way.

> Again I hadn't considered the physical limitations on production staff.
> However, if Gundam was made into an OVA from scratch in 79, do you think
> the art, animation, and MS designs would have more detail than
> they do now?

Um...I'd definitely say no. Considering that the circumstances are too
it'd be almost impossible. Even if it was made into an OAV, there would lack
the existance of computer enhancements and touchups, and other more
tools that just did not exist back then. Plus, more money is being spent now
on animation features than way back when. So it would not as good as
one example of what I mean that comes to mind is Space Battleship Yamato.
The first
series came out in what 79? I always felt that the detailing of hardware,
the yamato itself, was very well done, and the general tone of the animation
a bit higher quality to me (explosions were more developed and realistic,
motions for the most part had a better flow to them, etc.). They came
around in that
same era of the late seventies, but the differences are there....

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