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>>On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Justin Palmer wrote:
>>> I almost gave up on Evangelion, but I got to episode 12 and
>>> suddenly it just started to click. After that point, things start
>>Thanks, I think I will skip to the good part :)
>If you do that, you will end up more confused than people who followed
>the story arc from the beginning and think everything sucks, because
>nothing will make sense if you skip forward.

        I'll second that; I didn't mean to imply that the first 12
episodes are hopeless; just that it *was* after that point that I became
engaged by the story and decided to continue with the series - a lot of
things shown in the early episodes become clearer from then on in; and
of course, you'll miss quite a few plot points and character nuances if
you try and jump into the middle - its like Babylon 5; I recently
watched some of the early episodes again, and what were subtle hints the
first time are suddenly massive foreshadowing in the light of knowledge
of the later episodes...

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