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> Subject: RE: why do we love Gundam?
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> >It's not that
> >they didn't have the tech really, or the 'imagination'. My guess is it comes
> >down to 'We have X frames of animation to be done by Y date. There just
> >isn't time to spend doing all the extra inking, copying, and work involved
> in making
> >more detailed MS's. Not to mention having to find the money on a tight
> >budget to pay the animators for rush work....
> Again I hadn't considered the physical limitations on production staff.
> However, if Gundam was made into an OVA from scratch in 79, do you think
> the art, animation, and MS designs would have more detail than they do now?
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Not more detail than now, but more than the first TV series, definitely.
Look at the difference in detail between the Macross TV series and the
DYRL movie, mechs and characters both. All TV series suffer from a lack
of time and materials compared to an OVA or movie of the same thing.
Also take a look at Disney's straight to video sequels of all their own
movies like Beauty and the Beast and Aladin. They have all the time in
the world and the quality is still shit compared to the feature movie
because they're trying to maximize their profits so they sure as hell
ain't going to pour tens of millions into those. It's money *and* time
(and talent but that's a given) within the context of competition ("Wow,
did you see how good the Eva TV series is?" "Their OVA cost more than a
movie and, man, look at the *detail*!" "The cg in this new movie will
push the envelope for all future anime" etc.) that makes newer show look
better and have more innovative designs.


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