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> Subject: Re: Gundam fans read SF

> Well, I for one tend to discuss SF that is relevant to the topic, namely
> Gundam, but that doesn't mean that it's the only SF that I read.
> When I was younger, I read anything and everything I could find. These
> days, I haven't the time to be omnivorous and concentrate on authors and
> subjects of interest. If I were to recommend SF, it would be anything by
> any of the following authors:
> Poul Anderson

I'd add

James P. Hogan
Gregory Benford
Jerry Pournelle
Greg Bear
William Gibson
David Drake

I tend to lean more towards technical accuracy and modern physics and less
towards older style early Asimov type sci-fi. I can't get into a story
that could just as easily be based on Earth except that a spacecraft or a
laser gun is included (although I'm a sucker for good space merc stories).
I watch a lot of Nova and Discovery Channel science shows and I like to
find books that expand on the varied space phenomena (black holes, strings,
nanites, VR, etc.) that is being discovered today. My favorite aspects of
Gundam are the mechs, the battleships and the colonies, in that order. I
can't quite get into the massive soap opera of many of the characters yet,
although the Clinton trial is making those plot elements look much more
believable, almost mundane in comparison.


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