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Wed, 27 Jan 1999 09:36:20 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Operator7G - Michael Ip wrote:
> I am not going to take it lying down that the RX-78 looks 'bland' compared
> to say NT, the GP series or even MK II just because animators in 1979 (or
> when ever it was Gundam animation went into prodcution) didn't have the
> technology or 'imagination' to create MSs with more visual detail than
> animators do now.

Yeah, but it's probably true. Look at other giant robot anime from that
period and earlier. Nice smooth lines, not too much detail. Mazinga
Z is a perfect example - he's almost completely devoid of surface
detail. Simpler robot designs are simpler to animate. As time progressed
and the budget and technical expertise increased, so did the mecha
designs. Ten years ago, if you showed me the level of detail the mecha in
Nadesico exhibited, I never would have believed it came from a regular TV
show (as opposed to a feature film or OAV series, which would have a
bigger budget and different production schedule).

> Don't get me wrong, I like the MSs in Gundam, it is what got me started on
> Gundam and the whole anime concept, and it more than likely that it is what
> started most of the people on this list on Gundam. However, as I
> (personally) have been exposed to more and more philosophical/politcal
> influences (I avoid 'mature', because I am not mature), I have started to
> be less and less interested in the technical aspects of Gundam

Agreed. There are one or two mecha designs that I really like, but that's
about the extent of it. For me the thing that's always drawn me back to
the shows themselves are the characters. Tomino is great at creating a
good variety of characters that get peppered throughout the "good" and
"bad" sides of the conflict, that you end up really caring about until the
end when he slaughters or lobotomizes them all. ;p

Roger Harkavy

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