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At 04:19 AM 27-01-99 -0500, Hardcase wrote:
>Um.....generally then the Purists(TM) begin their jyhad like rantings,
>demanding to know why part XZ3837T is on the 0080 version of the Zaku, since
>it was never on it in'd be surprised at the inanity I've
>witnessed in these arguments.
Again it comes down to attention to detail...but *was* it necessary to give
the 0080 Zugok a different model number (or any other MS aside form NT1) in
0080? You make a point in saying it comes down to the human need to
catalog index etc. I have to digest on that one...give me time.

>Why can't we accept that the storyteller puts more
>> attention to deatil on MS designs in later re-told Gundam stories (0080,
>> 0083) than earlier told stories (TOS, Z)?
>Well, that's a bit of an unfair comparison...since TOS and Z were TV series.
>OAV's and movies generally have higher budgets and can afford to spend more
>time giving detail.
hmmm, I hadn't thought of that...

>Why not? I spend most of my time watching Gundam lying down.
*sigh* you know what i mean ^^; (you really are a Hard Case)

>It's not that
>they didn't have the tech really, or the 'imagination'. My guess is it comes
>down to 'We have X frames of animation to be done by Y date. There just
>isn't time to spend doing all the extra inking, copying, and work involved
in making
>more detailed MS's. Not to mention having to find the money on a tight
>budget to pay the animators for rush work....
Again I hadn't considered the physical limitations on production staff.
However, if Gundam was made into an OVA from scratch in 79, do you think
the art, animation, and MS designs would have more detail than they do now?

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