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> I feel that animators and artists put is too much emphasis on the
> technical
> areas of the story. It's going to be very difficult to try to express the
> message I am trying to convey here, please bear with me.

No...I refuse to bear with you :-)
Um...isn't it the animators job to handle the tech things, like how
MS's are designed, drawn, their scale to other objects, etc. ?

> Take 0080 and the TOS. The GMs, Guncannon, Zugok in 0080, all look
> visually different compared to those in TOS (I make the
> distinction between
> OYW and TOS). I will not say better/worse, visually appealing/less
> appealling because it's not. It looks different so they give a different
> model stamp, what is wrong with giving the same model number as
> in the TOS?

Um.....generally then the Purists(TM) begin their jyhad like rantings,
demanding to know why part XZ3837T is on the 0080 version of the Zaku, since
it was never on it in'd be surprised at the inanity I've
witnessed in these arguments.

> More to the point, why do we (well most of us) accept that the differences
> in MS designs through the Gundam universe are from technological
> advancements *only*. Why can't we accept that the storyteller puts more
> attention to deatil on MS designs in later re-told Gundam stories (0080,
> 0083) than earlier told stories (TOS, Z)?

Well, that's a bit of an unfair comparison...since TOS and Z were TV series.
OAV's and movies generally have higher budgets and can afford to spend more
time giving detail.
Um, I'd have to chalk it up to the human need to catalog, index, tag, box,
and ship everything into their nice little niche of the world. If it isn't
explained in a rational, logical way, then damn it, someone find a rational
logical explanation!

> I am not going to take it lying down that the RX-78 looks 'bland' compared
> to say NT, the GP series or even MK II just because animators in 1979 (or
> when ever it was Gundam animation went into prodcution) didn't have the
> technology or 'imagination' to create MSs with more visual detail than
> animators do now.

Why not? I spend most of my time watching Gundam lying down. It's not that
they didn't have the tech really, or the 'imagination'. My guess is it comes
down to 'We have X frames of animation to be done by Y date. There just
time to spend doing all the extra inking, copying, and work involved in
more detailed MS's. Not to mention having to find the money on a tight
to pay the animators for rush work....

> [end jumbled thoughts]
> I kind of hope you all understood that...comments?

> Don't get me wrong, I like the MSs in Gundam, it is what got me started on
> Gundam and the whole anime concept, and it more than likely that
> it is what
> started most of the people on this list on Gundam. However, as I

Personally....I was locked in a 4th floor dorm lounge, with all of
0083 and CCA, and told I was going to watch it or I could leave,
over the deck...(jeez, rag on an anime series you've never seen before
a few times, and it's murder!).

> (personally) have been exposed to more and more philosophical/politcal
> influences (I avoid 'mature', because I am not mature), I have started to
> be less and less interested in the technical aspects of Gundam

Egh....isn't that word banned? I generally leave the technical aspects
on my hobby bench, where I think they belong....

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