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> Anyone have any information about these two songs other than the fact that
> they are sung by the immaculate, righteous, harmonious, melodious,
> superlative (gees, can you guess I like her or not?) Chihiro Yonekura?
> Mirai no Futarini (Our Future(?))
> Eienno Tobira (Gateway to Forever)
> Are they the image songs for the OAV or the movie Miller's Report?

Not exactly. The latter is the image song for Miller's Report, but Mirai no
Futarini is "Eledore's big break". The song was played in episode 6. It is
also included in OST2 I believe.

And I re-iterate, "Miller's Report" came out in Japan on 25th...
And volume 10(episode 11) of 08th Team is finally to be released in April


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