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>Tomino is not the creator of Gundam universe, he's just a historian who is
>trying to record what happened in those glorious and tradgic years.
My thoughts exactly. A story re-told to us in the 'future'.

>So I thank Alfred Urrutia, Mark Simmoms, Probe, Z etc for checking out on
>the technical details and keeping Tomino honest. And I read most of your
>technical discussions with interest, but sometimes I also feel like "let's
>get back to the story".

Here are my thoughts

[start jumbled thoughts]

I feel that animators and artists put is too much emphasis on the technical
areas of the story. It's going to be very difficult to try to express the
message I am trying to convey here, please bear with me.

Take 0080 and the TOS. The GMs, Guncannon, Zugok in 0080, all look
visually different compared to those in TOS (I make the distinction between
OYW and TOS). I will not say better/worse, visually appealing/less
appealling because it's not. It looks different so they give a different
model stamp, what is wrong with giving the same model number as in the TOS?

More to the point, why do we (well most of us) accept that the differences
in MS designs through the Gundam universe are from technological
advancements *only*. Why can't we accept that the storyteller puts more
attention to deatil on MS designs in later re-told Gundam stories (0080,
0083) than earlier told stories (TOS, Z)?

I am not going to take it lying down that the RX-78 looks 'bland' compared
to say NT, the GP series or even MK II just because animators in 1979 (or
when ever it was Gundam animation went into prodcution) didn't have the
technology or 'imagination' to create MSs with more visual detail than
animators do now.

[end jumbled thoughts]

I kind of hope you all understood that...comments?

Don't get me wrong, I like the MSs in Gundam, it is what got me started on
Gundam and the whole anime concept, and it more than likely that it is what
started most of the people on this list on Gundam. However, as I
(personally) have been exposed to more and more philosophical/politcal
influences (I avoid 'mature', because I am not mature), I have started to
be less and less interested in the technical aspects of Gundam

>Hehehe I have a funny idea...
you and me both bud.

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