[Question] Eienno Tobira and Mirai no Futarini.

Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 23:08:30 -0800

Anyone have any information about these two songs other than the fact that
they are sung by the immaculate, righteous, harmonious, melodious,
superlative (gees, can you guess I like her or not?) Chihiro Yonekura?

    Mirai no Futarini (Our Future(?))
    Eienno Tobira (Gateway to Forever)

Are they the image songs for the OAV or the movie Miller's Report?

And on that note, anyone seen Miller's Report? I vaguely remember someone
posting something about it, but that's about it...

Y. Choe

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