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On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Roger Harkavy wrote:
> Hey, I liked this! But who's Gene?

Gene went down in his-to-ry as Gundam fodder no. 1 (hey here's a game,
name every single one of Gundam fodders in sequence). That part was from
episode 1, a modest beginning, until:

  A mighty leap he springs!
  Higher and higher
  Until Amuro smells Zaku's exhaust
  And Gene's fear.
  Once bashful and proud
  He now screams like a dog.
  Too late for mercy!

  Behold the Beam Sabre!
  For cold vengeance it shines.
  Reenforced armor
  Now cleaves like soapstone.
  The scream is silenced
  For Zaku's in two.

  Behold the Beam Sabre!
  For contentment it quivers.
  Beware! From this day fore
  Draw not the Beam Sabre in hast.
  Let it tastes MS blood,
  Ere it returns to 'pack.
  Else its spirit is lost!

Oh I can't stop embarrassing myself! :P

I shouldn't waste time on this part. This part of the story is really
quite modest, except for the historic first kill. But the parts of
Matilda's death and the final battle/sword fight between Amuro and Char
could also be well set to epic poems (or in my case, patheic poems).

> "Through and through, and the vorpal beam sabre went snicker-snack!"

Come on folks, have some fun.

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