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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 21:43:46 -0800

On 26 Jan 99, at 15:18, Edward Ju wrote:

> >What is Sotsu Agency and why is their name associated with every
> >single Gundam show?
> I think they are the animation company that did the original TV series.
> Their logo (looks like Mt. Fuji) is displayed prominently (in fact, full
> screen) in the beginning of each Gundam movie.

That's not the symbol of Sotsu Agency. It's the trademark for Matsu-
take???(Pine-Bamboo) movie. The company that release Gundam
movies to the theathers.(But since the industry is vertically
intergrated in Japan, it's also a movie studio. Can't think of anything
good that come out recently.)

Otherwise, it would be weird to has their name in very copyright
notice, but their logo only appear in movies.

> It's kind of like crediting the show's creator with every show that spawned
> from it, or crediting the characters' creator with each movie sequel made.

The way I understand it, Sotzu Agency is an Advertising agency,
that underwrite the first Gundam show. During that time period,
there were some sort of a rush for Advertisiting agency into Anime.
I think Big West, as in Macross, is another such ad agency.

Even today, I think more prime time network TV shows in Japan are
underwrited and sponsered by ad agency, who then use the
exclusive right to advertise on those shows as lerverge with their
customers. I think Kota should be know more than me.

Jim Huang

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