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>I have I do not know who wrote it off the top of my head but I loved
>it it was
>great. Wiggins seems to be important to that but I think that is the
>character. The whole series of books was cool I think there was 4 I
>have fread
>them alll they were all cool. and they only seem to get better as he
>goes down
>the line.
> Speaker of the Dead is on of them the rest of the names are escaping
>me it
>has been 2 to 3 yrs atleast since I read them . Definatley suggest it
>to the
>ohter ML members

The writer is Orson Scott Card. One of the more prominent Mormon SF
writer in US. The series is 4 books:

Ender's Game
Speakers for the Dead
Children of the Mind.

Book 3 and 4 should be consider as one book. And should Ender Wiggin
be consider a "Newtype" under the Gundam definition? After all, his
greatest asset other than his considerable intelligence is his
incredible ability for empathy, for understanding what his enemy
will do.

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