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>On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
>> >And how come people forget that Char was a Daikun?
>> That's why it's called a secret identity! :-)
>After the One Year War, when the cat is let out of the bag for pretty
>much everyone (Sara, Bright, Mirai, Amuro, etc.), was this spread around a
>lot? By the time Char rebuilds the Neo-Jion forces, does he use his status
>as Jion Daikun's son to stir the masses? It's been a while since I watched

Char's identity is one of the key issues of Z Gundam. It's pretty much an
open secret among the Ahgama crew who had served on White Base, but it
doesn't really become an issue until Quattro reveals himself to be both
Char and Zeon Daikun's heir (and, in that capacity, denounces the Titans)
at the Federation Deliberative Assembly at Dakar and doesn't become a
thorny issue until Axis returns. Since he disappears at the end of Z and
doesn't return until CCA, his identity is moot for the half-decade in between.


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