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>Chien Ting Chin writes,
>>What was Sayla doing just before episode 1 of OYW? (I don't mean the
>>Daikun part) She was a junior private/officer on White Base like Bright
>>right? So she was raised on Side 3 and spent less than 1 day on Side 7?
> Nope. Artesia and Cassval Daikun (AKA Sayla and Char) were taken from
>Side 3 in UC 0069, shortly after their dad's death. Jinba Ral (Ranba Ral's
>father) took the kids to Earth, where they assumed the Mas family name.
>Sometime prior to the TV series, Sayla moved to Side 7, where she attended
>medical school. Note that, in ZZ, she's working as a doctor.

For what it's worth, Tomino's first Gundam novel (as translated by Frederik
L. Schodt) relates the story as follows:

"Saila Mas had just turned twenty. Two years earlier she had immigrated to
the Side 7 colony voluntarily, a rather unusual act since hardly anyone
volunteered anymore. Most immigrants nowadays left Earth against their
will; the only people who could remain on the planet were those whose
political views were appropriately orthodox or who had some sort of special
connection to the Federation government. Saila nonetheless had her own
reasons for coming to Side 7. She was the daughter of Zeon Daikun; her
real name was Artesia Som Daikun. Her borther was Caspar Lem Daikun,
otherwise known in Zeon as Sha Aznable.

When Saila had been three years old, her father, Zeon, had died. One of
his right-hand men, Zinba Ral, together with his wife, took the two Daikun
children and fled the collapsing republic with them to live safely on
Earth. To ensure success, the Rals took an enormous amount of money, with
which they purchesed the respected family name of Mas in southern Europe.
This enable them not only to pass as sull members of Earth's elite society
but also to safely raise both children under the names of Edward and Saila Mas.

Over the years the Rals repeatedly told the two Daikun children that their
father had been assassinated in one of Degin Zavi's plots. When Sha
reached high school age, it was this more than anything else that fostered
his unshakable desire to return to Zeon and destroy the ruling Zavi family.

But Saila was different. She had grave doubts about her brother's
obsession and about the course of action he had chosen. He was her only
brother, and he had always been good to her. She ddn't want to lose him.
When she found out that he had secretly returned to Zeon, she wept for
three days and nights. She began to loathe her foster parents' fixation
with revenge and began to hate them instead. She thought about running
away from home, but upon hearing that construction was due to begin on the
new Side 7 colony, she hot upon the idea of emigrating. It took a year to
persude her aging foster father, Zinba Ral, to let her go.
At first Saila had hoped to become a doctor, but after deciding to join the
Side 7 project, she enrolled in a school that trained midlevel technicians
in the maintenance of the Side. And when construction began on the Side's
first colony, she emigrated.
As one of the communications personnel on the Side 7 colony, Saila was
assigned to work at the Gundam Mobile Suit test site and, in case of an
emergency, given strict orders to destroy any and all documents to prevent
them from falling into enemy hands. ... When the attacking Zaks grew closer
and closer, Saila and the other communications technicians left the test
site and moved over to the Air Defense Capsule--an emergency escape system
connected to the outside world that could, in time of disaster, use the
spinning colony's centrifugal force to shoot out from the Side. But when
the Federation Gundam destroyed one of the Zak intruders, the resulting
explosion warped the escape system rails and rendered it unusable."

According to the Shindosha timeline, Luna II is moved to L3 in order to
help construct Side 7 in December 0070 and migration to the incomplete
colony in Side 7 in May 0078. It took her a year to pursuade Ral and an
unspecified amount of time to qualify as technician (four years?), but we
can presume that she had plenty of time to do both and still be among the
first emigrants. She would therefore have been in Side 7 about 16 months
in September 0079.

I'd missed the bit about the Rals *buying* the Mas family name -- I'd
always thought that they simply placed the kids with the wealthy Mas
family. Ral buys the Mas name, Buffo buys the Ronah name -- makes you
wonder how many Spacenoids may be living on Earth under assumed names,
doesn't it?


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