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Chien Ting Chin (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 21:44:14 -0500 (EST)

Warning: this is pretty bad, its so bad I can't finish the Lalah Sun part
:) But if you want a good laugh... BTW if anything rythms, it's purely
accidental and unintented.


With a huff through his vents
The Mighty Gundam awakes!
And behold!
The ground trembles,
The birds flutter,
The beasts hide,
And a pang of fear
strikes at the dark heart of Gene.

Striken by weariness,
Blinded by rage,
Valiant Amuro throws into berserker!
What a terrible sight!
Zakus explod into fireballs,
Dopps drop like flies,
Magellas smashed into smithereens.
Bright is taken aback
Hayato is amazed
Sayla is dismayed
And Frau don't know her Sweetheart anymore.
Destroy destroy destroy!
Finally the Earth opens up
And swallows the whole Zeon army
into the warm belly of hell!

The heathawks swing near,
The bazooka missed by a hair!
One two three four...
Woe are the Zakus.
Five six seven eight...
Doomed are Rick-Doms.

But humongous Elmeth
Now looms above.
The deadly BITS
Cuts nigh and nigh.
Amuro is enraged!
Behold his Newtype fire!

But what is this light?
Pure and sweet.
What is this swan?
dying in grace.

CHIN, Chien Ting
Dept of Medical Biophysics, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
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