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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>When did XXX Mas became Char Aznable?

  Char's had many names. He was born Cassval Rem Daikun around UC 0059.
When he and his sister were taken to Earth in UC 0069, he became Edward
Mas. After his foster father had filled his head with schemes of bloody
revenge, he snuck off and re-entered Side 3 under the alias Char Aznable.
It's not clear exactly when this happened, but I think it was probably
sometime betwen 0073 and 0075.

>And how come people forget that Char was a Daikun?

  That's why it's called a secret identity! :-)

>Was Jinba on the Fed side, or on the (later known as) Zeon side?

  He was a friend of Zeon Daikun, and a citizen of the Side 3 republic that
existed before the establishment of the Duchy in 0069. He blamed the Zabi
family for Daikun's death and spirited the kids away to Earth for their own
protection. His son Ranba Ral, a member of the Zeon military, remained in
Side 3.

>If the former, how did Ranba and Char joins Zeon side, if the
>later, how come Sayla went to med school in Fed-controlled Side 7?

  Jinba Ral arranged for false identities for himself and his foster
children, passing them off as French aristocracy. With those credentials,
it was pretty easy for Sayla to get herself into the Side 7 colony.

>How did Sayla and Char got seperated?

  Char ran away from home to seek revenge for his father.

-- Mark

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