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On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> Nope. Artesia and Cassval Daikun (AKA Sayla and Char) were taken from
> Side 3 in UC 0069, shortly after their dad's death. Jinba Ral (Ranba Ral's
> father) took the kids to Earth, where they assumed the Mas family name.
> Sometime prior to the TV series, Sayla moved to Side 7, where she attended

Ugh, now I am totally confused (damn, ignorance was bliss).

When did XXX Mas became Char Aznable? And how come people forget that
Char was a Daikun? Was Jinba on the Fed side, or on the (later known as)
Zeon side? If the former, how did Ranba and Char joins Zeon side, if the
later, how come Sayla went to med school in Fed-controlled Side 7? How
did Sayla and Char got seperated?

Sorry this must be an FAQ.

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