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>Probe writes,
>> Similarly, at the end of the 1YW, what did the Fed have to fear? Jion
>>was utterly destroyed, their armies and weaponry scattered to the four
>>winds of space, their colonies ransacked and destroyed, their leadership
>>severed and dead... the Feds had the ability to dictate terms and demand
>>anything they wanted! So why sign away the right to do _anything_? What's
>>Jion gonna do about it once Fed troops occupy their Side and have their
>>leaders in prison?
> Sure, but the banning of Minovski particle scattering may well be a
>_Federation_ wish list item. Makes it easier to keep tabs on everyone,
>y'know... kinda like outlawing cryptography.

"When Minovski particles are outlawed, only outlaws will have them."

Outlaws, and those who are *authorized* to have them.

Cops and robbers. Civilian citizens need not apply.

Did you know that some encryption algorithms are classified as "munitions"?

>> And even if you DO make the weapons, who cares about the Treaty? A
>>treaty is only useful so long as both sides can enforce it. With Jion
>>utterly defeated, the Antarctic treaty is just an empty piece of paper.
> And by the way, the Gundam 0083 The Movies film comic claims that the
>GP02A was developed _in response_ to Killings' attempt to nuke Side 6 in
>Gundam 0080. Apparently this demonstrated to the Federation that, under
>the right circumstances, an unscrupulous or desperate foe might break the
>treaty anyway - so you may as well be ready for that eventuality!

Now if only they'd thought of that (and said it) sometime during Volume 1....


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