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> >Point taken. I love details too, but this Sci-Fi book by L. Ron Hubard was
> >too detailed and boring. It was about humans almost being wiped out by alien
> >races and the surviving humans being used for slave labor by these alien
> >races. One was a race of cat like humanoid's. He went on and on and on about
> >the same things over and over again.

You want a pretty good alien-enslaves-humans story, read Janissaries by
Jerry Pournelle. Even better is the Paratwa trilogy by Christopher Hinz.
Not only are the aliens bad-asses but there is a lot of colony life
detail including faking weather and the effects of spin inside the
colonies. The Forge of God by Greg Bear and the Galactic Center series by
Gregory Benford offer more "aliens try to wipe out mankind" stories.

> You weren't reading science fiction, you were reading crap.
> Specifically, you were reading L. Ron Hubbard crap. More specifically, you
> were reading L. Ron Hubbard crap that was originally written and rejected
> in the 1930s, went unpublished for 50 years, and was then published as if
> it were newly written with only a few superficial edits (such as replacing
> "monowing airplane" with "supersonic jet") to bring it up to date. (Case
> in point: the scene in BATTLEFIELD EARTH where John Goodboy Tyler hitches a
> ride on the *wing* of said aircraft!) Uranium gas-breathers? Get out of
> It's not the details that bored you. It was the crappy writing that bored
> you. Specifically, it was crappy writing that got bogged down in
> meaningless detail, most of which were nonsensical.
> Stop reading crap and you'll start to enjoy reading again.
> Specifically, stop reading L. Ron Hubbard.
> -Z-

Man, you should publish this review, it's great!! But then you'd have
John Travolta trying to beat the shit out of you in the street.


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