Re: PSX Emulator for Macintosh

Sean Glenn (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:06:36 -0800

>It would be interesting to see how it works. For the PC PSX emulators, you
>need a copy of the PSX bios. I guessing that for the Mac one, they must
>have completely reverse engineered the bios.
>That brings up another point, what bios are they using? You would guess
>(and hope) that it would be one of the earlier ones that doesn't have a
>country check on it.

Whichever BIOS they're using checks for country codes and for the PSX
blocks on the CD (which catches CD-R copies, which are missing those
blocks). Someone wrote a hack about 12 hours after the software was
released that allows you to play import discs (as well as CD-R backups -- a
side effect of ignoring the country codes).

Someone else mentioned flashing the BIOS on your machine to use the
emulator -- that's not necessary, the whole program is self contained and
doesn't need anything but the updated RAGE ATI 3d accelerator software (it
may not even really need that).It does however, require a G3 Power

Sean Glenn

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