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> > I guess, what I want as a modeller is a new Gundam series set in the
> 1YW
> >with totally retrofitted, super-teched-up looking mecha, all done by
> >Katoki! I wanna see models of Zak-F2s, GM-N's and all the other
> kick-butt
> >stylish bots from 0083!
> Here, Probe, let me shorten your description down to this: Garasaki
> meets MSG!

As it turns out, Gasaraki isn't mecha show at all... While the show is very
very well done, there isn't much need for mechs at all. And it has a lot of
historical and supernatural factor woven into the story. Well, it's
supernaturalism that plays the key role in the story from the beginning...

If you don't have any idea about very minor fact about ancient Japanese
history and/or Japanese right wing (well, it may not be the right term to
describe Gouwa clan and their allies), you'll be missing about half of
what's really going on.(I had to watch an episode twice just to listen to
what a heck characters were talking about) But I'll tell you it's extremely
unusual to air this kind of anime in 9:30 in Sunday morning!!!

> Actually there are big gaps that could give Katoki a LOT of room,
> design-wise. The whole 1YW era is getting WAY too crowded with stuff;
> periods between CCA and F91 or F91 to V or after V are the best
> places to go...Katoki could retool Gaia Gear to fit UC continuity
> better??

That'll be interesting idea... but I've seen the illo he did for "Gundam
Fix", and I wasn't too impressed by it though.


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