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> > Two words: RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY. After the halfway point of
> the series,
> > things get REALLY whacko.
> HALFWAY?!?! (BTW thanks for not spoiling anything for me :)
> Ok, here is why I am not getting into the series yet, but I total got into
> OYW:
> So I heard that the Angels are sent by God to rain fire and brimestones on
> sinful humans (way cool idea to start with), and I guess I should assume
> that the characters (at least the NERV people) know just as much.

Most of the characters in Eva really don't have a clue as to the TRUE
story behind ANYTHING that's going on (I'd say more...but don't want
to spoil it for anyone). Even Fuyutsuki, Gendou's right hand man, doesn't
know everything that's going on. By the time you get to the Children they
know very little of the true story, most of that being a distortion of the

> Otherwise why whould they call these MOTWs Angels? Well why the hell
> (ahem) there was no one asking questions? Take Shinji, he's whiny about

IIRC a lot of the beginning research of the Gendou's involved the Dead Sea
Scroll's, where the got the term Angel (I think messenger is a better
interpretation of it.) The DSS gave a pretty good inclination of what
was going to happen. As to asking question....last time I asked God
a question, I didn't get an answer, at least not one I can recognize.
This comes from the Dead Sea Scroll, which could be considered (and is
if I remember) prophecy. Prophecy wouldn't be what it is if you
could simply ask for and get all the answers (the 'God did not put
you on this earth to GET IT, Mr. Burton' theory.)

> everything, why doesn't he whine about the source of Angels? Heck, the
> four-eyed scientists in Godzilla are smart enough to ask questions! If
> they knew it's God, some one should go around yelling Apocolypse (a la
> Akira) or worship Golden Ox (a la Genesis) or something.

Well....Look at Shinji's motivations. Why does he complain about the Angels?
It's because of them he has to pilot Eva, and he doesn't want to do it.
Personally, it's becuase Shinji is too shallow and narrow mindind to whine
about anything of any importance. Wondering about God, or the universe, or
the source of these angels is a bit beyond him....

> And if they didn't know about God and Angels, then should they be setting
> up some space exploration or something to find some answers and purpose
> rather than just dicking around with the material properties of dead
> Angels?

Um, research to what point? The angels are coming (they're coming to take me
away, ha ha.....), there are 17 of them. There isn't enough time to find out
whether or not they come from outerspace or heaven or hell. Time would best
be spent finding ways to stop them. As to why examining dead angels....
how do you get vaccines for diseases? A number of them are mostly made from
the dead cells of the virus itself. If that's not enough on the time
factor...consider ONE of these angels annihilated half the pop of the
earth.....I don't want to give any more cause this point could be considered
central to the plot of the series...

> The more I watch, the more I felt something important is missing. People
> are not reacting right. One day, the whole Earth face Final Apocolypse,
> the next day, kids goes to school and ogle at big-tited women.

Wow....if you think it's bad now just wait till you get to the
missing don't even begin. Sorry.
Um....consider maybe the reason you feel something important is missing is is? There's gotta be some reason to keep people watching the
Don't'll somewhat become less opaque....

Consider most of these people really have no idea as to what's going on.
I don't mean to sound rude (though I do) but most of the people in the
world could be considered cattle. Remember WWII? People in England
lived their lives, hid in fear when the air raids went off, then went
back to living life. What else could they do? Besides, from the viewpoints
of the Children (meaning the Eva pilots), they don't really KNOW what kind
of Apocalypse is coming. From their view, these big ugly beings are
the Earth and they in the Eva must stop them. There's not a grand, sweeping
depth to that kind of thinking. Consider them more like soldiers. Theirs is
to make reply, theirs is not to reason why....they're told to do a job and
do it. They're know...13-14 year olds...for whom the true
is not being able to go to the mall. Do they really know the TRUE reason of
the angels are coming, or the TRUE motivations of Ikari Gendou....they have
a frigging clue. If they did, the reaction would be a bit different, if they
understand the reasons.

> Bringing it back to OYW, Tomino didn't try to deal with any big
> philosophical controversy, but he wasted no time in explaining the theme
> and feel of the whole series, all within the short 1 minute intro, even
> before we met any characters. And mostly characters react to different
> things in sensible ways (refugees cry and despaired, Sayla was haunted,
> Amuro got shell-shocked). I call this "psychologically rational" and I
> think it's more important than being technologically rational.

Ah....Gundam...The joy is that you don't have to put the entire world in
life or death to day, life to life struggles work so much,
because they are more real, and people have an easier time identifying with
them. Should I save the World? pales in comparison to Is what I am doing
really right? Is the reason we are fighting this war just? How can I cope
the death of my close friend from a war I don't believe in? As to character
reactions.....Notice every character in Eva has some severe psychological
disorder. Everyone who isn't on drugs in that show should be...

> Ok ok, I will watch the whole EVA series, because I am a big sucker for
> RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY (with cool mechas to boot!). But I am just whining
> about believiablity. I shouldn't mention that Religious controversy kinda
falls by the wayside close to the end? But then again

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