Re: [OT] EVA the ground-breaker

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:54:05 -0700 (MST)

  Well, this should really be on RAAM and not here, but I'll briefly
answer some questions:

> Otherwise why whould they call these MOTWs Angels? Well why the hell
> (ahem) there was no one asking questions? Take Shinji, he's whiny about
> everything, why doesn't he whine about the source of Angels? Heck, the

  Believe me, it becomes a _Major_ plot point later when people start
asking the questions. Before then they assume the 'angel' names are simply
cool code-names.

> they knew it's God, some one should go around yelling Apocolypse (a la
> Akira) or worship Golden Ox (a la Genesis) or something.
  Then you'll really enjoy the ending....!

> And if they didn't know about God and Angels, then should they be setting
> up some space exploration or something to find some answers and purpose

  Second Impact.
  90% of the human race is dead and the rest are locked in battle with
these bizzare alien (?) Giant creatures and you want a space program!?

> The more I watch, the more I felt something important is missing. People
> are not reacting right. One day, the whole Earth face Final Apocolypse,
> the next day, kids goes to school and ogle at big-tited women.

  Something _isn't_ right.
  Finding out about it is what makes EVA such a masterpiece.

> Bringing it back to OYW, Tomino didn't try to deal with any big
> philosophical controversy, but he wasted no time in explaining the theme
> and feel of the whole series, all within the short 1 minute intro, even

  But some of us, particularly the older anime fans who've "Seen it all",
don't _want_ a simple military war story where all the answers and the
morals are spoonfed into you!

> Amuro got shell-shocked). I call this "psychologically rational" and I
> think it's more important than being technologically rational.

  I totally agree with you.
  This is actually one of the things that makes EVA such an incredible
series. They start with all the classic anime cliche characters and
proceed to turn them upside down and inside out! Towards the end you can't
help but feel you're watching real (And fundamentally unpredictable)


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