Re: [Pre-Review] Brainpowerd Kits are LM with a vengeance

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:33:32 -0700 (MST)

> Just what makes EVA "a landmark show in the history of SF"? I have been
> renting the videos, I am at 0:4 now (Second Child just showed up), and I
> still haven't caught on to the big fuss. Sure the EVAs and Angels are

  And you won't... yet.
  The series seriously picks up at the half-way point (after getting a
little silly first) and then goes full-tilt towards its Earth Shattering
Conclusion! And unlike Gundam, it doesn't occur because the hero-boy-pilot
gets a brand new shiny EVA with double the weaponry/features/fins/etc.
  It is towards the end when Anno begins combining his hard-SF with
postmodernistic psycho-religious philosophy and a veiled discussion about
mental growth, psychological stimuli and the nature of family
relationships in a culture's creation of a God-Myth and other deep seated
mental issues that the show really begins to display its true colors as a
biting criticism of the essencial meaninglessness of modern societal
values and structure. Very beautiful and moving stuff!

> Earth-shattering ideas in the later episodes, it certainly is taking pace

  I hear that around the 8th episode they were extended to 52 eps so they
got sloppy and slow, and after the 13th episode they got cut to 26eps and
they seriously picked up the pace after that!

> slowly. Should I waste more (a lot more) money and time to watch the
> whole thing? Or is it just a series of Angels and Relationship (with a
> capital "R") stories and then ka-putt!

  Oh no... you should definately see the whole thing.

> In comparison, Tomino started OYW with a bang and kept it roaring until
> episode 12 or so.

  I just saw the movies so I don't know about the series, but I have to
say that the first MSG movie was very very very boring!


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