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At 18:02 1999.01.25 -0800, Mark S wrote:
> Nope. "Linear seat" refers to a pilot's seat mounted on a shock-absorbing
>swivel arm; the panoramic display is the all-surrounding screen. You could
>have one without the other, but it's seldom done; the Alex, GP03S, and
>their successors all have both. The only exceptions I can think of are the
>Hizack (partial panoramic display, no linear seat) and the ZZ Gundam
>(panoramic display, seat on swivel mount rather than linear seat boom).

cool, understood :)

>>2) if the answer to the above question was no, does the GP02 have a linear
>>seat cockpit (I assume the GP01 doesn't because of the core fighter)
> Nope, neither has a linear seat.
was there ever any reason for this, esp for the GP02?

> If you ignore the Alex - which I try to - the first panoramic display was
>in the GP03S, circa late 0083. The Hizack supposedly came out next year,
>and everything subsequent had this cockpit system (complete with linear
>seat, which the Hizack lacks - another indication of its relative age).

it seems strange that early in 0083, they ignored a some of the
revolutionary cockpit advancements made in 0080. They obviously wanted
GP03 with the state of the art cockpit.

> For that matter, why give 'em monitors at all? Couldn't they fight with
>their head in a bucket, like Luke in Star Wars? Mind you, even a Jedi
>prefers to have the use of his eyes. :-)

If a Newtype were under my command and got cocky to me, I *would* remove
the monitors, that should teach him/her (get hard! you're a Newtype).

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