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Let's get some vision, shall we?

>talking about Corvettes, Probe mentioned something about VR goggles for MS
>instead of a panaoramic cockpit (I think). What about full vision helmets
>(kinda like HUD but more like a movie theatre in the helmet)? Do current
>airorce helmets have a HUD capability or is that on the cockpit canopy?

Cockpit Canopy plus HUDs. The X-31 Technology Demonstrator has Visor/Helmet
HUD that the pilots can use, and the HUD has numerous info that the pilot

>If you're wondering how Corvettes fit into this, well the Corvette 99 has a
>HUD windscreen, way cool.

On a related question, the HUD on a car would display the speed so that the
driver would not need to take their eyes off the road as often.

>1) NT1 was the first MS with a linear seat cockpit, is thsi synonmous with
>the panaoramic /360 degree cockpit?

Linear Seat = 360 Degree Cockpit, and the first so far to have that honor.

>2) if the answer to the above question was no, does the GP02 have a linear
>seat cockpit (I assume the GP01 doesn't because of the core fighter)

Nope. Has the three screen layout like your GP01 and RX-78-2. One can
surmise that because of its arsenal, the main priority of the cockpit is to
keep the pilot alive after a blast. Thus, instead of the linear seat, the
cockpit of GP02 is well armored to protect the pilot post big blast.

>4) why the sudden urst in panoramic cockpits by 0086 when there were none

In 0083, we see mostly vintage MS, while in Zeta, there are very few vintage
MS lying around. Even the Hizak (the most vintage MS I suppose) has some
sort of linear seatness built in./

>3) this may seem a pathetic question, but why do Newtypes need a panaoramic
> view cockpit? If they so 'hot' in combat, coudn't they just sense boggies
>in their vicinty?

NTs are Humans after all. And also as an observation, the installation of
Psycho Frame is assoicated with Linear Seat (I could be wrong on this,
especially during OYW). Without which, well, the NT powers go wasted...

Y. Choe

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