Re: [Pre-Review] Brainpowerd Kits are LM with a vengeance
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 21:13:04 EST

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> Just what makes EVA "a landmark show in the history of SF"? I have been
> renting the videos, I am at 0:4 now (Second Child just showed up), and I
> still haven't caught on to the big fuss. Sure the EVAs and Angels are
> pretty cool, and the fight sequences are excellent, but if there's some
> Earth-shattering ideas in the later episodes, it certainly is taking pace
> slowly. Should I waste more (a lot more) money and time to watch the
> whole thing? Or is it just a series of Angels and Relationship (with a
> capital "R") stories and then ka-putt!

Well... if you have played Xenogears and liked it, Eva most likely you will
enjoy Eva thats all I can say ^_^

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