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Mon, 25 Jan 1999 21:07:56 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Rodrick Su wrote:
> Mark Simmon had an idea and I concur that the 3 giant reflective mirror
> are actually made up of millions of rotating mirrors, with reflective and
> non-reflective surfaces. I supposed that a computer control system will
> slowly turn the mirror when the day begans and slowly turn to the

I thought of that too, kind of interesting idea, but it won't work... I
won't bother with details now, but think about inverse square law and the
fact that the distance between the mirror and the window is increasing
from one end to the other. The best you can do is dim or shade the
mirrors, you can vary the brightness to simulate daily and seasonal
cycles, but the appearant Sun will always be at the same location. Hence,
Sayla's comment.

Actually this means Tomino (or someone) did think out some of these things
and correctly invent the sense of wonder for a spacenoid on Earth. Good!

On the other hand, if that is indeed the lighting scheme of colonies, then
the mirrors should not be rectangular as seen in the anime, but increase
in width as they slant away from the colony body (this should make a nice
problem for undergrad physics students).

Oh well, sweep that one under the "minor scientific flaw" rug.

BTW I am still open to any wild suggestion about translation/meaning of
that line and its relation to possible colony lighting configurations.

e.g. anyone concur or not with the colony being a "flower" open towards
the Sun.

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