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Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:14:31 PST

>second question is: would it be fair to say that Tomino has less
>of the Gundam franchise than Roddenberry had on Star Trek and Lucas has
>Star Wars? It seems that there's a lot more inconsistency between
>Gundam products (not so much in the story consistency as in the themes
>ideas) then in ST and SW.

There'$ a very $imple an$swer a$ to why anime $erie$ are produced... :)
In television anime, most companies go with whatever will be popular
enough to warrant sufficient sales from the merchandising line. just
about everything can be thrown to the wind in front of the merchandising

In the case of Trek, Roddenberry had initial creative control, but was
slowly phased out as the network sought to destroy the original series.
The same thing happened with TNG, though to a lesser extent.

Lucas has near complete creative control on his works; it helps being
writer, director, producer and executive producer, not to mention
funding most of the (new) films from his own bank account!


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