"the Sun shine from one side first"

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> http://gundam.anime.net/world/spacecolony.html

Hey how come i didn't notice that page before? Looking at this line
about the sturcture of the colony:

 "They're divided into six lengthwise strips, three land panels
  alternating with three glass panels through which sunlight enters the
  colony. Thus, this design is sometimes referred to as an open colony.
  Attached to the colony are huge mirrors which reflect light in through
  the glass panels..."

I didn't realize those were mirrors not solar panels! So the colony is
like a flower that opens towards the Sun?

I've always wonder about a peculiar line from Salya Mass (when she looks
ravishing in a 1-piece swimsuit on a beach):

"It's so strange that the Sun shine from one side first."

Implying that it's different from the colony. But how??? I always
thought it's just bad translation (I watch the Chinese version). But now
perhaps it make sense, if the colony relies on reflected Sun light and
always point at the Sun then the Sun will never move! That explains the
line, but it makes for awfully boring lighting arrangement in the colony,
what's in shades is always in shades, and there'd be no night time?!?! Or
you dim the mirror/glass panels somehow?

Hmm it still doesn't make sense, any ideas?

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