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At 13:42 1999.01.25 -0700, someone wrote:
>> > As for MS-design... come on, do you _really_ want a Gundam styled like
>> > an old Corvette?
>> Probably not... but who knows? If done well enough, it might look kind of
>> (dare I say it?) cool...

talking about Corvettes, Probe mentioned something about VR goggles for MS
instead of a panaoramic cockpit (I think). What about full vision helmets
(kinda like HUD but more like a movie theatre in the helmet)? Do current
airorce helmets have a HUD capability or is that on the cockpit canopy?

If you're wondering how Corvettes fit into this, well the Corvette 99 has a
HUD windscreen, way cool.

More on the panoramic cockpit, I have a few questions...
1) NT1 was the first MS with a linear seat cockpit, is thsi synonmous with
the panaoramic /360 degree cockpit?
2) if the answer to the above question was no, does the GP02 have a linear
seat cockpit (I assume the GP01 doesn't because of the core fighter)
4) why the sudden urst in panoramic cockpits by 0086 when there were none
3) this may seem a pathetic question, but why do Newtypes need a panaoramic
 view cockpit? If they so 'hot' in combat, coudn't they just sense boggies
in their vicinty?

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