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Aaron writes,

> Why do we have to explain away about everything all the time? :) After all,
>Gundam is Sci-Fi. What I hate about alot of sci-fi novels is, alot of th
>authors explain away for a paragraph to a page or two about an antenna or a
>tower or a vechicle. I'm like OK, lets get on with the story already.

  Agreed, in-depth explanations shouldn't clutter up the story. The happy
medium, which I think Gundam accomplishes, is to explain the technology &
backstory in supplemental references, giving the curious a little insight
into the weird science discussed on-screen and providing techno-trivia for
fans to banter about. :-)

>Point taken. I love details too, but this Sci-Fi book by L. Ron Hubard was way
>too detailed and boring. It was about humans almost being wiped out by alien
>races and the surviving humans being used for slave labor by these alien
>races. One was a race of cat like humanoid's. He went on and on and on about
>the same things over and over again.

  And then he went on to form a stupid religious cult. Talk about adding
insult to injury! <grin>

Probe writes,

> Is that like the little thin antenna the GP-01 has coming up one side of
>its Mohawk? Interesting! A Monitor-antennae kinda suggests that it's there
>to perhaps listen in for _enemy_ communications and home in on them! Might
>be useful on land, where, as you've suggested, Comm-antennae are in much
>greater use than in space!

  But the GP03S, which also has such an antenna, is space-only. Perhaps
it's something for test purposes, maybe even a broadcast antenna to
facilitate monitoring of the mobile suit itself...?

> But on the other hand, when the Hexa (and there was only ever one of
>these guys, right?) got the regular Gundam-head, wasn't this considered an
>Upgrade of the gundam?

  Actually, there were a bunch of V-Hexas, and only a couple of regular V
Gundams. The V-Hexa's model number ends in "V06" rather than the normal
"V04" (hence the name), which indicates it's a later model. Late in the
series, they switch the head on Marbet's V-Hexa to a classic V-finned one,
explaining that it's a mark of respect; following Oliver's death, she's now
the League Militaire's field commander. I suspect it's more of a symbolic
gesture than a technical modification.

> Though it always surprised me that the grunt models didn't eventually
>all carry similar antennae. I mean, I can't believe they left them off
>because of expense!

  Could be a chronological issue. The Hizack, which dates back to 0084,
appears to pre-date the other Federation mobile suits seen in Z Gundam -
even, I suspect, the GM II. The Axis, on the other hand, just seem
generally averse to communications antennae.

> Of course, it doesn't explain why later gundams go back to the original
>V-fin design

  Judging from V Gundam, the symbolic value of the V-fin is sometimes
deemed to outweigh the practical issues. Thus we have the regular V Gundam
(symbolic) and the V-Hexa (pragmatic).

> That's like a treaty banning ECM or smoke! And why the hell should
>anyone sign to that? That's like the treaty ending WWII banning nuclear

  <shrug> Hey, that's the party line. I doubt anybody really honors the

-- Mark

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