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On Jan 25, 3:54pm, Prabal Nandy wasted bandwidth discussing:

> > Hmmm... quartz-lamp lit... scoot by at 100mph... you should voice those
> > complaints to the *director* of the movie, maybe? You'll notice that
> I hardly think the director is responsible for how silly some of the
> ground vehicles look... Harrison Ford's detective car for example.

You should work with some of these schmoes. I can't speak for Scott in
particular but many directors and producers feel that, since they *are*
in charge and all, that they *must* say something. So, the art director
comes up with a good idea and the director has to pipe in that he doesn't
quite like it. Or maybe everybody was intimidated by Mead's prestige and
salary? Who knows, but if he's hired to come up with ideas he'll do what
the ones in charge want, ugly or not. Ya, the ground cars sucked. I
loved the cop cars, though. It could also have been a case of Mead
showing a rough rough sketch and the director saying "That's perfect!"
so it stays that way. I wonder.

> > > I really hope we don't see this in the new Gundam!
> > Man, I wonder how you'd react if the future actually ended up being
> > modelled that way?
> Don't worry, it won't! At least, not in technologies that matter. There
> are simply very good reasons why spacecraft will never resemble 1950's era
> corvettes!

Style. If it's military then I go with you. But if it's commercial then
prepare yourself for some of the dumbest designs the human mind can come
up with in the name of what's 'hip'.


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