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Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:26:09 PST

> All I really remember about it was that it came out after RoTJ and
>bundled with an ABYSSMAL cutesey-show called "Ewoks"... and that at
>the first episodes were about our favorite tin-couple working for some
>kind of speeder-race guys.

"Ewoks" was apparently not abyssmal enough, as that show got renewed for
a second season, wheras "Droids" got axed...

Anyhoo, "Droids" had three story arcs dealing with the robotic duo's
previous owners: the racer guy mentioned above, some farmboy
fighterpilot (sound familiar?), and a treasure hunter on a quest for his
dad's ship (which gets stolen in the first episode).

"Droids" was among the first cartoons I saw where people actually DIED.
Relutantly, mind you; they often went out of their way to make sure no
one ever died, and the only one who did was in the last episode. The big
bad guy, as it turns out...


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