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> Subject: Re: Camera and the Mohawk (Was: SOC RX-78 Gundam Pics)
> I agree with you about Macross all the way and to an extent about hard
> I like to know how stuff works too, but when I read a novel I want a story,
> not a tech. journal. I would prefer the author to release a tech. journal
> book with sketches and REALLY in-depth articles on how the device/vechicle
> works included with the novel. In a novel, the author should describe how the
> device/vechclie works, but not a manual of the device/vechicle.
> Aaron

That's true. There are a couple of Robert L. Forward books that are as
dry as a martini and the storytelling is bland to boot. But some guys,
like Forward, are working scientists who publish stories about ideas that
are a little too out there to teach or research. They still want to put
out the copious details. Usually I can get into it but when the story
is put aside too much to geek out on design details then it bogs down.
Forward will, usually, put most of the truly boring details in an
appendix in the back of the book and organize it like some sort of
research paper one of the story's characters filed with the government
or something. Nice touch for the universes he creates.


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