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Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:19:15 -0500

> At 10:37 PM 24-01-99 -0600, you wrote:
> >It would be interesting to see how it works. For the PC PSX
> emulators, you
> >need a copy of the PSX bios. I guessing that for the Mac one, they must
> >have completely reverse engineered the bios.

Maybe not...maybe the software to emulate the PSX has the BIOS included

> well I was looking for emulators somet ime last year, and UII think you
> have to do something *REALLY* screwy with your BIOS, like flash
> it. I have
> a multi thousand dollar computer, there's no way I was going to
> risk my M?B
> to emulate a PSX :(

Ugh....I'm almost in pain.....I shouldn't have said that, but you're
looking at the forest without looking at the trees. Why screw with the
MB bios to emulate a PSX when the program itself does the entire emulation.
What the software creators WANT you to do is use a device...I forget which
one, but it basically does a dump of the PSX memory onto a disk (the disk
accessory we so seldom see). If you do it at a certain time you get the BIOS
of the PSX system. The emulator for the PC reads this in, and blammo, you've
got emulation...sort of. The two I've messed with, one was good but no
sound, the
other was sound but had trouble playing some games. To keep this KIND of on
it played Gundam:TBM pretty well....

> >That brings up another point, what bios are they using? You would guess
> >(and hope) that it would be one of the earlier ones that doesn't have a
> >country check on it.
> hmmmm PSX (and other consoles) startup screens are sooooo flashy, but they
> don't tell you much about the BIOS huuh?

I found the BIOS in a zip file on the net (I have no prob with this since
I OWN a sony PSX, model 5500....that's the BIOS I use). It had five or six
different system BIOS in it. Mail me if you want it...I don't want to put
that on the ML........

BTW - can anyone tell me how to use the save and load menu on
Ehrgeiz? I am a poor and uneducated soul who doesn't know kanji...

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