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> Subject: Re: Camera and the Mohawk (Was: SOC RX-78 Gundam Pics)
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> > Mmm.. Well, at least we know they're not part of a phased-array radar
> > system or something. (Which I would have liked, it would have gone a LONG
> > way towards explaining why _all_ V-Fins have that diamond-shaped red
> > decoration at their center.)
> Why do we have to explain away about everything all the time? :) After all,
> Gundam is Sci-Fi. What I hate about alot of sci-fi novels is, alot of th
> authors explain away for a paragraph to a page or two about an antenna or a
> tower or a vechicle. I'm like OK, lets get on with the story already.
> Aaron

To answer the "Aw, c'mon, how the fuck can that thing do *that*?!?" questions
that the future bot/ship/borg can do? The draw of hard sci-fi, which I would
put Gundam in, is that very explaining tendency, the opposite of a Star Wars
space opera that just decides to throw physics out the window and not even
explain what its new physical laws are. What is the sense of publishing
dozens of Gundam mechanical encyclopedias and reference books, then? Art is
one thing, wanting to know how it works is another. I'll always love the
detail in the Macross transforming (and non-transforming, for that matter)
mechs, the design specs of the weapons in Gundam, Macross, Patlabor, etc.,
that's why I got interested in the first place. If I was only drawn to the
characters I could watch any anime series.


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