Re: Camera and the Mohawk (Was: SOC RX-78 Gundam Pics)

Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:36:17 PST

> Why do we have to explain away about everything all the time? :)
After all,
>Gundam is Sci-Fi. What I hate about alot of sci-fi novels is, alot of
>authors explain away for a paragraph to a page or two about an antenna
or a
>tower or a vechicle. I'm like OK, lets get on with the story already.

Because we're techno-fetish geeks, of course. ;)

I personally like a lot of the explanation that goes into so many sci-fi
stories. If done correctly, as it usually the case in Gundam, it makes
what would otherwise be a "magical" piece of technology into something
that has at least the appearance of being real.


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