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Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:59:37 PST

> I guess, what I want as a modeller is a new Gundam series set in the
>with totally retrofitted, super-teched-up looking mecha, all done by
>Katoki! I wanna see models of Zak-F2s, GM-N's and all the other
>stylish bots from 0083!

Here, Probe, let me shorten your description down to this: Garasaki
meets MSG!

Actually there are big gaps that could give Katoki a LOT of room,
design-wise. The whole 1YW era is getting WAY too crowded with stuff;
periods between CCA and F91 or F91 to V or after V are the best
places to go...Katoki could retool Gaia Gear to fit UC continuity

> But on the other hand, if this is supposed to be a non-giant-robo
>retrospective like Tomino has claimed, then I guess I'd be intriqued to
>see a show where they have good detailing, but try and evoke the design
>ethic of the 1970s again in the designs of the mecha. That could be
>interesting to see as well! After all, what goes around comes around!
> -Probe

This Gen-X/retrorecycling is the death of our generation! New Years
resolution for the new millenium......NEW IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Kai

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